Automated Hang Tabs Application

Compact Mini Hang Tab Application Machine

Our mini hang tab applicator has all the sophistication of the bigger applicators with a far smaller footprint that can fit on the Bench of a packing area.

Speeds are synchronised and the controls are touch screen with settings to record different jobs. With this set up,  the Hang Tabs are supplied in Roll Format.

At the request of our Hang Tabs Partners, we developed a Desktop Power House Hang Tabs Applicator.

Starting with our LabelOn™ Mini Synergy Top Labeler, we made modifications to suit Rolls of Hang Tabs including modifications to Rollers and our Gap Sensor.

The LabelOn™ Mini Synergy Range

A significant step up:
This truly is the “Mini” of Labeling machines. Everything you would find in a larger machine and outgunning all competitor ‘s in this small footprint arena as well as MANY larger foot print machines.

Enhanced features include:

  • PLC and Touch Screen Control (Compared to basic Dedicated Board with LED display found on other small footprint machines)
  • Higher Labeling Speed
  • Taller Standard Label Head – with two even taller label height ranges
  • Larger Capacity Label Roll Holder
  • Speed Synchronization of Label Head, with Main Conveyor (This is a Big Enhancement)
  • Improved Label Head Mechanics
  • Easier Access Electronics

LabelOn™ Mini Synergy LMS200-TOP

Configured to place a round Tamper Evident Label over the corner of a box. It has a wider Product Conveyor and a Pneumatic Tamp Fitted.
That’s a lot of labeling power in a footprint of approximately 1 Meter by 1 Meter.

At LabelOn™ we have listened to the market very carefully. Small Labeling Machines need to operate like our larger labelling machines.

The Mini Labeling machines need to get out a good level of production volume, accurately and (*importantly*) with the ease of set up found on our bigger LabelOn™ Basic labeling machines. Our Small Labelling Machines have Touch panel controls and Synchronized Motor Speeds.

When you have Mini Labelling Machines with the features we have packed into our Bottle Labelling Machines, you have Labelling Machines that require a much lower *operator skillset * than the skillset required to operate Small Labelling Machines that fail to include the features of the LabelOn™ Mini Synergy Range of Small Labeling Machines.