Most other suppliers have a vast range of service and products – they do not control the manufacture of their Hang Tabs nor do they focus on the Hang Tabs as their core product. You can write or call for Expert Guidance.

If you find a similar Hang Tab (made with PET of course) and our supply pricing is not competitive we will look to match or better the advertised or current invoice pricing.

In MOST cases our PET products are better priced despite the 20% raw material pricing “advantage” the PVC product suppliers are happy to utilize and pocket.

We use the KISS principle. Rather than present a baffling range of options we present a range of tabs that cover the Majority of applications. Beyond this we are able to cater for custom requirements using collaborative correspondence via email and Skype discussions.

Size for size we can demonstrate our Hang Tabs match and outperform other Hang Tabs. Prior to our supply of the South Africa market – we tested our Delta-Large Hang Tabs side by side against Europe’s most prolific supplier and found that our tab maintained a weight of 1kg for more than 2 years compared with their “equivalent” tab which failed at 70 days with only 400 grams of weight.

We collect data on all our Hang Tabs; measuring not only how much they can hold but how long they can hold their weights. Test data we present is for guide purposes only; All customer applications should be tested and verified by the customer.

Orders received and processed in the morning can be with you in 3 to 5 days.

All Hang Tabs are tight packed into Boxes marked with a Job Number. Further our Hang Tabs are discretely marked with our web mark. We take responsibility for the quality of our product and can trace any problems back to its manufacture.

A Common Oversight and convenience of competitor manufacturing is to leave sharp corners on the top of their Hang Tabs. These sharp corners can cut or hurt customers and staff. We actually have competitors purchase from us when their customers realise this problem.

For higher volume requirements, Hang Tabs can be produced to a specific size and shape ;just ask. No one moves through the process faster with Design-Drawings-Packaging-Samples-Production within 4-6 weeks.